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Live Above the Influence - Just Bee Social!

We're not a social media platform, we're just a safe space for you to bee social

About BuzzyGroups

The concept for BuzzyGroups was initially created to find a way to share important life events like engagements, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays, etc. with close family and friends. Over time, the idea grew into a community of groups of people who share common interests.

Our aim has always been to create
a safe place for you to bee buzzygroups bee

BuzzyGroups was created during a global pandemic and at a time in U.S. history where it seemed to be that a safe place was needed for people to express themselves among other like-minded people. The concept is simple, give everyone a chance for their voice to be heard, so people can speak their minds respectfully and share things about their life without judgement.

Our Vision

To create a safe place for humankind to focus on everything that unites us.

Our Mission

Advance civil society through the construction and protection of safe spaces that advance true social justice, equality for all, and pure self-expression.

We Do Things Differently

Our aim has always been to create a safe place for you to bee. This is why we have done away with friends lists and "likes", because we don't want BuzzyGroups to be a popularity contest of who can gather the most friends or always feel pressured to have the best picture to see who can get the most likes.

This way you can focus on just being who you are and sharing that with people who also share your common interest, whatever that may bee (P.S. We have a lot of bee puns 🐝🍯). Of course, we still want you to bee social with others, because that is very much what the human experience is all about! To achieve this, we brought back plain ol' conversations in the form of commenting on posts. But, we didn't stop there! In a true BuzzyGroups fashion, we made sure that comments didn't become the new 'likes' by hiding all comments, except from the person who posted it. The poster will of course have the option to make the comment visible for everyone to see if they wish. Furthermore, we won't send you emails or notifications the second a post or comment is made. We did this because we feel like there are enough platforms trying to direct your attention almost all the time. Our aim is to be a social tool for you to use when you need it and put you in control of your social life, so you can check in and be social when you want to be and of course if you feel like it.

There are many things to know about BuzzyGroups, but the following will give you a high-level overview of how it all works.


The Buzzy "Stream" is a collection of all the posts from groups that you have joined and of which you have become an approved member. The Stream shows posts from other users and your own posts too. This is one way to explore the many posts, videos, and topics discussed in your groups.


BuzzyGroups Post Example

Posts are a way for you to engage with the groups where you are a member, or with the BuzzyGroups community at large. There are many ways to post and post types; for example, you can make a plain journal entry post, a post with an image, or a post with a video.


Groups are a way for you to connect with other people from all over that share a similar interest, affinity, or relationship. Groups are designed to create a safe space for people to share posts, images, and videos of things that unite them.

For example, this could be a group of friends that all grew up together or went to the same high school. Perhaps you want to share your special moments together with just your close friends and family from a recent engagement, wedding, or newborn baby. Maybe you just want to share your love of your favorite cars, sports, hobbies, or really any other thing that brings us all together. That's really what BuzzyGroups is all about!

All groups are membership based, meaning that you must request "membership" to join a group. If the Group Leader or Group Moderator approves your membership request, then you will have the ability to view others' posts in the group and make posts in the group too.

Have Fun! BuzzyGroups is designed to be a safe place for you to bee with others and bond over the common interests that you share with others.

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BuzzyGroups Team

BuzzyGroups is based in the U.S.A.

Although BuzzyGroups can reach almost anywhere in the globe, all services are provided and based from within the United States.

BuzzyGroups was founded by a web programmer and alumni of Purdue University. He has served for almost 10 years and is currently the CEO and lead engineer and programmer for a web and technology company based in Los Angeles, CA. He is also a proud husband to his high school sweetheart and recently became a father of one in 2020.

The initial inspiration for BuzzyGroups came from seeing so much online negativity that became so apparent to him over many years working on the web. Shortly before becoming a father he had enough and went to work for months researching and developing a new social platform that would be private, secure, and wouldn't harvest and sell all your data.

"In many ways, we wanted to scratch our own itch. We didn't like the idea of big tech monopolies owning and controlling our own, let alone our kid's data, and doing with it whatever they wanted. This is why we made BuzzyGroups. We wanted to create a safe place away from all that, and just make a place to bee social with family, friends, and perhaps meet some new people too" -

Brandon Lippincott, BuzzyGroups founder

BuzzyGroups is a work in progress, and we plan to add many more features in time. Our approach is to listen to the BuzzyGroups members, and deliver an experience that makes people feel confident in BuzzyGroups services.

Certified Civil

We are pleased to announce that BuzzyGroups was awarded in March 2021 the esteemed Certified Civil™ designation. This designation is sponsored and approved by the Worldwide Civility Council’s review board of notable civic and business leaders dedicated to civility and civil discourse in all sectors of society.

Certified Civil™ is a new initiative with bold objectives. This well-earned designation, in this current social and political climate, demonstrates a commitment to support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world community.

Learn more about Certified Civil at

BuzzyGroups app & website

Is it an app or website? Well, technically it is both!

Unlike other services, we do not harvest or sell your data. BuzzyGroups is a Web-app, which means we don’t require invasive permissions to your text messages, photos, contacts, or GPS location.

Not sure what a web-app is? Learn all about web apps, and why we think they are the future of apps. In short, web-apps are cloud-based. Within 2-clicks you can add BuzzyGroups on your phone with no downloads or app stores required. Putting you in total control of your privacy, while saving some precious space on your phone!

Want to add the BuzzyGroups app to your phone? Check out the instructions to add the BuzzyGroups app for Android and iOS.

Is it Free?

Yes. Well, for now at least. Rest assured, all early adopters accounts will be free forever.

One of our goals is to find a way to do away with ads on the site, because we feel this takes away from genuine social interactions.

However, as noble as a cause this may be, we still need to figure out a way to cover our costs. Running a safe and secure network is not cheap, and we are exploring various avenues that will make BuzzyGroups accessible to as many people as possible at the same time.

With all that being said, if you are here now and registered, your account will remain free. However, we also feel that is prudent to inform you that there will come a day that BuzzyGroups will need to make a profit somehow and that our offer to sign-up for a free BuzzyGroups account will probably not last forever. With that said, sign-up today for free while the offer still lasts!

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