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If you haven't already, we encourage you to learn more about how BuzzyGroups started on our about us page, so you can have a better idea about how this platform started and what it is all about. Compared to what you are probably used to on other platforms, we do things differently.

Reach your audience responsibily
& ethically, the way it was meant to bee buzzygroups bee

BuzzyGroups wants to help you reach your audiences in ways that are responsible and ethical. This largely means foregoing automated systems that will approve ads based on the color of your money. In other words, we will have real live humans checking every campaign before it goes live to ensure that it follows our marketing guidelines and ethics policy. This ensures that we can better live up to our mission of creating a safe place for people to bee.

Our Capabilities

The BuzzyGroups platform is designed to be able to take a granular approach at reaching customers based on modern metrics and advanced computing technologies. We value the privacy of our people and communities and have created various safeguards for people to have greater control of that automatically. This means we do target marketing differently and have done away with outdated approaches that aim to eliminate problems that create systemic issues and antiquated segmentation techniques.

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