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BuzzyGroups FAQ

BuzzyGroups Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ)

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Who made BuzzyGroups?

BuzzyGroups is made by Market Action Research, Inc. (“MARS”) a Los Angeles based web development company and technology consultancy. BuzzyGroups was founded by a web programmer and alumni of Purdue University. He has severed for almost 10 years and is currently the CEO and lead engineer and programmer for MARS.He is also a proud husband to his high school sweetheart and recently became a father of one in 2020. All team members are currently based in the U.S. and parts of the site, including development, engineering, programming, and servers are American made.

How much does it cost?

BuzzyGroups is currently Free! However, this is only for the first lot of people who sign-up as an early adopter of our platform. If you’re one of those early adopters who got a free account, we’ve got some good news for you. Your accounts will be free forever!

Unlike other platforms, our future plans include being free and clear of data harvesting and selling of users information, as well as, avoiding traditional advertisements on the platform. This is by far one of the biggest money-makers for other platforms, but at BuzzyGroups we want to do things differently.

This means being transparent with you, not just another “user” but our customers. Treating you with the dignity and respect that you deserve. This also means that we will need to find another way to cover our costs too.

At the moment, we are exploring tons of different avenues to make sure that we are able to sustainably deliver our customers the best social experience possible. However, our commitments remain the same. No data harvesting or selling, keeping your information private, and avoiding traditional advertisements on our platform. This way our customers can truly have a safe place to bee!

How do groups work?

Simply put, groups can be created by any BuzzyGroups customer by filling in a group petition. Groups can be made searchable or completely private. There are also several other settings that can be made based on the groups needs, such as private commenting, and more Groups can be made about any of the approved topics on the platform.

Once a group is created and approved, the petitioner of the group becomes the group’s leader. As a group leader, moderator, or member, you can also start inviting people to your groups where you can speak your mind safely and securely about whatever interests you with family, friends, and maybe even some new people too.

Groups are membership based, which means that the group leaders and moderators can approve or reject any incoming member request. Of course, if a member doesn’t follow the rules, the group’s leaders and moderators also have the authority to remove an unruly member from the group.

Groups are designed to keep people united over common interests. They also share a community feel in that anyone within a group can post and share their thoughts in groups too.

For more details on how groups work, make sure to also check out all about groups on BuzzyGroups on the Best Practices page.

I can't find a Group Search

This could be for a few reasons. It is likely that the group you were invited to is private. This means that the group cannot be found in the group search. If you were given a link to the group make sure to try going to that link after you have logged in. You still must request to join the group in order to view and participate in a private group. If the link you were given doesn't work there is a chance that link is not being typed in correctly or the group does not exisit anymore.

How can I create a group?

To create a group on BuzzyGroups you must already have an activated account and be logged in. Simply navigate to the groups tab, and press "create group".

What's private on BuzzyGroups?

BuzzyGroups cares about the privacy and security of it’s customers. As such, many details about you are kept safe and secure. For example, we never share your full name anywhere and your contact details are your own.

Groups are private in that the membership remains anonymous to the group members. Basically, there is no list of group members that members can see. We did this so that people can be a part of groups without having their identities or preferences revealed. Additionally, the posts you make in groups are only viewable by the members of the group where the post was made.

Furthermore, the groups you join cannot be viewed by anyone else, except you. Of course, you are welcome to share what groups you are in elsewhere.

How safe and secure is BuzzyGroups?

BuzzyGroups is safe! The site uses a top-tier level of encryption and is constantly ensuring protocols are up to date and secure. For security reasons, we cannot go into all the details of how we keep your information completely secure, but suffice it to say we use similar protocols and standards used to keep even the most sensitive of information safe.

What are the rules?

BuzzyGroups has a set of rules that govern acceptable conduct on the site. There's a lot of situations that are unique, but we did the best we could to cover as many of them as possible in the rules and best practices guides. Check them out to learn more!

How can I get the app on my phone?

Easy, in 2-Clicks you can add the BuzzyGroups app on your phone with no downloads, invasive permission requests, or app stores!

Learn how to add the app on your phone.

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What are interactions like on the iOS and Android apps?

Sparing a long history lesson, web apps are just like native apps in the way they look and function, but with a couple key differences. For one, it actually does not require any downloads. This means you don’t have to go to an app store to download some software to use the platform. This also means that our app does not require invasive permissions like the need to read your text-messages, see all your contacts, or track your GPS location. Additionally, this means that our app doesn’t take up additional space on your phone or requires you to use data to constantly update our app.

Now, you might be wondering, how does BuzzyGroups do it? If you want the long answer, check out the in-depth article we wrote all about web apps. The short answer is that web apps are completely cloud-based, which means our networks do all the heavy lifting instead of relying on your phone to do the computations.

This gives you a native app experience, without all the hassle that comes with traditional mobile apps. You might already be surprised to know that many big companies actually already have them too!

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