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We encourage you to learn more about how BuzzyGroups began in our about us page, so you can have a better idea about how this platform started and what we are all about. We think compared to what you are probably used to on other platforms, we do things differently.

We just want to bee social
sorry, no media 😋 buzzygroups bee

Simply put, BuzzyGroups is designed to bee just a social platform. As we like to say, we're not a social media platform, we're just a social platform. Of course, you're allowed to make your own personal accounts and bee like everyone else, but we kindly ask from refraining from the promotion of news or media outlets. We appreciate your help in keeping BuzzyGroups a safe place for everyone to bee!


One common question we are asked that pertains to the media, is why media outlets are banned from creating group pages. Our answer to that is simple. We believe the media is by far one of the most important checks and balances to Government, some may even consider it to really be the 4th unofficial branch of Government and plays in and important role in the power it harnesses to represent the will of the people.

Then why no media? Foregoing a history lesson, we think that the media has grown tremendously in size and influence, and today has stretched across every major online social platform in the world. In other words, the media already has plenty of platforms to reach massive audiences of people. BuzzyGroups is designed to be a break from all of that so that people can just bee together around their common interests.

Media Inquries

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