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BuzzStream Rules

BuzzyGroups is a community-based social platform for groups of people to share and bond of common interest. The concept of BuzzyGroups is to connect like-minded people, give everyone a chance for the voice to be heard, speak their mind respectfully, and share things about life without judgement.

We also recommend reviewing the BuzzyGroups Best Practices Guide for further information about the ins and outs of the BuzzySteam platform.

Our aim has always been to create a safe place for you to bee BuzzyGroups bee

In order to make sure that the communities that are created on BuzzyGroups are safe places and protected for you and other people to be, we have developed a best practices and rules to advance civil society and allows for true social justice, equality for all, and pure self-expression.

Ground Rules

The following are the ground rules for being a member of the BuzzyGroups community. We appreciate your help in making our communities a safe place for you and everyone to bee.

Acceptable Content Guidelines

In order to create a safe space for you to be, we ask that you only post content, including the words, images, or videos you choose to share that cultivates an environment that is inclusive and diverse.

BuzzyGroups requires that all users follow our acceptable post content guidelines, which prohibits content that is:

  • Hateful, discriminatory, or racist
  • Criminal
  • Offensive content
  • Political
  • Profanity
  • News/Media related
  • Promotes any for-profit cause or organization
  • Adult content, including, but not limited to pornographic, sexual in nature, or nudity
  • Exploitation of people, animals, etc.
  • Misinformation
  • Harassment and criticism
  • Private information
  • Self-injury or harmful behavior
  • Violent or extremist
  • Promotion of dangerous organizations or individuals
  • Impersonation
  • Violates intellectual property or other rights
  • Spam or Scams
  • Intellectual Property without consent
  • Election interference

Content that may be deemed inappropriate may be flagged and/or deleted, including but not limited to termination of your account(s). It is up to the discretion of the BuzzyGroups team to determine if your content violates our rules. Please help us keep our community a safe place for everyone to be.

Profanity Blocker (beta) is a feature built into BuzzyGroups that attempts to limit the use of profanity on the site. We believe everyone has the right to express themselves, but we also believe that people can express themselves in the same way without the use of profane words that can inflict emotional pain and incite violent disagreement. This is why we prohibit the use of profanity at BuzzyGroups. If you're not sure if it's profanity or not, it's best to probably leave it out. Any attempts made to side-step or circumvent the profanity blockers capabilities can lead up to, but not limited to the termination of your account(s) and group(s).

Flagging Posts

Anyone that sees content that does not follow the acceptable content guidelines can flag the post. From the flagged posts page, a user can choose the reason for flagging a post and leave any notes they feel are necessary for the reviewers. All posts that are flagged are done completely anonymously, which means the user that flags the post will remain completely anonymous to Group Leaders and Moderators. If a post is flagged outside of a Group, the BuzzyGroups team will review each post in the most timely manner possible.

We appreciate your help in keeping the BuzzyGroups community a safe place for you and everyone to be.

Inactive Accounts

We encourage people to actively log in and use BuzzyGroups when they register an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in and Tweet at least every 6 months. Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity. Inactivity is based on logging in to your account. Please note that you may not be able to tell whether an account is currently inactive, as not all signs of account activity are publicly visible.

Fair Use

Certain uses of copyrighted material may not require the copyright owner’s permission. In the United States, this concept is known as fair use. Some other countries have a similar concept known as fair dealing. We always recommend that users seek permission from the owner whenever posting copyrighted material.

Whether or not a certain use of copyrighted material constitutes a fair use is ultimately determined by a court of law. Courts analyze fair use arguments by looking at four factors: the purpose and character of use, the nature of the copied work, the amount and substantiality of the copied work, and the effect on the copied work’s value. Fair use determinations are made on a case by case basis, and there is no clear formula to determine whether a use may be found to be fair. If you are unsure whether a particular use of copyrighted work might be a fair use, you may want to seek legal advice. BuzzyGroups is unable to advise whether your use may be considered fair use or not.

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